TypePhil - An Educational Typing Program



Since 2016…

CodePhil has been working with private and public partners in the Philippines to provide digital literacy education to disconnected regions. Through our work, we identified gaps in the physical and digital infrastructure that limits access to digital literacy skill development and software. To address this problem, we developed TypePhil, a hybrid online/offline software that teaches students how to type on a keyboard properly. Through our partnership with the Philippines’ national government, we expect to have over 10,000 users by the end of 2018. TypePhil is our first product in a platform to deliver digital literacy education content that is tailored to the local context of areas with little or no internet access. We hope to eventually provide a comprehensive platform that delivers various digital literacy skills training software to rural, disconnected regions and help students gain the skills necessary to thrive in the increasingly digitized future.



TypePhil is…

  • Free
  • Available both online and offline
  • Comprehensive typing curriculum for all ages
  • Fun and engaging games and lessons
  • Simple and easy to use and learn!