What is Our Innovation?

CodePhil believes that a strong computer programming and digital literacy education for low-income youths living in developing countries to be essential for the following reasons:

  1. Close the gap in education between developed and developing countries, high and low-income families, and rural and urban areas
  2. Create equal access to digital literacy to democratize use of and ensure appropriate applications of ICTs
  3. Promote decent jobs for youth, encourage youth entrepreneurship to create jobs in the community that fill community-identified needs, and promote innovation
  4. Diminish poverty in the Philippines in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1. 

Our Services

Application and software development for digital literacy education

Analytical insights on ICT education

Consulting on ICTs and digital literacy education

Resources on digital literacy curriculum

Event organization for ICT and technological development

Training workshops on digital skills  


We provide the following services listed above. If you are interested in working with CodePhil for digital literacy education consultation, digital skills development, or event hosting, please contact us.

Our Approach - H.A.C.K.

(T) Teach computer programming, typing, and entrepreneurship skills to rural high school students living in poverty;

(E) Empower students to leverage computer programming to solve the challenges of their respective communities, pursue careers in the IT sector, and break the cycle of poverty;

(C) Connect students to mentors in the IT industry;

(H) Hack IT solutions to community problems at an annual Innovation Summit in collaboration with high school students, college students, and IT companies.